Dates and Brain Health

October 31, 2022 , date suppliers

Dates are a natural fruit, very sweet and warm in nature. The warm nature of dates may cause small pimples for some people, but in the end, this miraculous substance will have a major impact on our body’s health. Although dates are sweeter than any other fruit, this fruit is something like a miracle for those who have or are prone to diabetes. We are going to talk a little more about this valuable fruit so that maybe you will be encouraged to eat it to maintain your health.

Dates can promote brain health

A 2016 scientific review notes that some studies have linked regular consumption of Kurma Piarom Selangor to improved thinking skills and reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s disease impairs memory and thinking ability. This study shows that long-term use of date supplements in rodents is associated with a reduction in plaque formation in the brain. These plaques are seen in people with Alzheimer’s.

Dates help reduce chronic diseases

Unstable molecules called free radicals can activate a process known as oxidative stress. Scientists believe that oxidative stress plays a role in the development of some chronic diseases. These include cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and cardiovascular diseases.

Dates have strong antioxidant properties and can improve chronic diseases.

Dates can also improve skin health

Topical creams containing dates can improve skin health. Research shows that the use of date creams can increase the moisture, elasticity and brightness of the skin. The authors also noted that dates can reduce the effects of aging on the skin.

None of the study participants reported side effects with it, and dates appear to be safe to use on the skin.

Dates can help cure diabetes

Diabetes is the loss of blood sugar control. A peer-reviewed scientific review, which analyzed existing research on the subject, suggests that dates have the potential to treat diabetes due to their high antioxidant content. Some studies in this review show that dates can improve the function of the pancreas in releasing insulin, a hormone that helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. Other studies show that dates can help improve the complications of diabetes.

In addition, dates are rich in fiber, which the body absorbs slowly when digested. This is effective in keeping a person’s blood sugar stable. High blood sugar levels can be a chronic problem in diabetics.