Get That Healthy Antioxidant Glow With Acai Berries

Many people think that the medical recommendations for consuming calcium and dairy products are only for pregnant women or the elderly who have symptoms of osteoporosis; If this is not the case, this idea is completely wrong and dangerous. Having a diet with sufficient amount of calcium is for all people regardless of gender and age. It is recommended for all families to always prepare nutritious sources of this mineral and recommend their consumption to each other. If you are the parents of children, educate them from today about the prevention of various diseases. Talk to your children about the body’s constant need for calcium sources, and make sure that children, especially girls, get enough calcium to build and strengthen bone mass.

Salmon and other fatty fish have a lot of vitamin D, which is useful for calcium absorption. These fish also have a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. It has been proven that the oil present in fish prevents bone loss in elderly women and may be useful in preventing osteoporosis.



Almonds contain calcium and vitamin E, both of which ensure the health of your hair and nails. A handful of almonds will provide your body with the daily calcium requirement. In addition to strengthening bones, almonds also help in weight loss, colon and heart health.


Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are a durable source of calcium and have many benefits in addition to strengthening bones. This edible seed is known to improve heart health, reduce swelling, prevent some cancers, and protect the skin from UV rays. Due to the calorie content of sunflower seeds, use them in moderation, but overall, sunflower seeds are a great addition to a healthy, calcium-rich diet.