How To Store Dates for A Longer Time

November 1, 2022 , Dates, Healthy Foods

Since dates are one of the fruits that can be used dry and wet, as a result, this fruit has many advantages for the health of the body in both cases. Dates are known in the world because of their sweet taste.

When you can retain some of the moisture in the dates, the taste will be more delicious and attractive. You can put dates in a closed container and use them for up to a week. But if it takes a long time to store it, the interior of the house is no longer suitable for preserving the taste of Kurma Rabbi Wholesale. If you want to store dates, the best place to store dates for a long time is your freezer.

Place the dates in a zipped plastic bag

To keep dates longer, you can put them in a zipped plastic bag. In this method, try to consider the right time to accumulate the dates so that no more of these food items remain in the plastic bag. Note that when you put the dates in the bag, try to remove the excess air because the presence of air in the bag causes the food to spoil quickly.

Store soft and juicy dates in the refrigerator

Since wet dates are a good place for germs to grow, it cannot be stored outdoors. To preserve the taste of dates, it is better to put this fruit in the refrigerator. In addition to preserving the taste of dates, this prevents it from spoiling and turning sour in a short time.

Store dates in the freezer

Since it is not possible to store wet dates in the environment for a long time, as a result, a freezer can be used for longer shelf life, in this case, the dates you need can be stored for up to one year. If you need to use dates, you can replace frozen dates with dry dates. Keep in mind that the shelf life of semi-dry and dry dates is longer than wet dates.