Junk Food Threatens Our Memory

November 2, 2022 , Dates

Foods harmful to memory

What is good for memory? What is bad for memory? It is a question that has occupied our minds for a long time. In this part of the article, before going to memory enhancing foods, I want to point out the foods that weaken your memory and prevent your mind from working at its best. I recommend that you be more careful from here on, because if you miss one of these points, you may not get good results and you may get into trouble.

1. Sugar

This type of artificial sugar damages your memory. It weakens both your short-term and long-term memory. Don’t be too happy to eliminate sugary drinks like soda from your diet and replace them with orange juice. As you know, industrial and restaurant juices that are served usually contain a lot of sugar. The reason for this is nothing but economic efficiency. But if you want to drink a healthy juice, you have to do the work yourself and get the juice through the fruit itself. This will both increase your confidence in the drink and ensure your health.

Of course, don’t misunderstand these foods, after all, our body needs all the food, especially the harmful ones. This diversity should exist, but in such a way that these types of foods are our dominant staples.

Dates are very sweet and rich in nutrients. Go to Kurma Wholesaler Green Diamond instead of sugary products. Dates have so many health benefits: Date fruit helps regulate blood cholesterol levels; helps prevent and treat cancer; strengthens and rejuvenates the skin and hair and is useful for pregnant women. By eating a few dates, a day as a snack, you can lead a healthy diet.

2. White rice

If I want to talk very simply and briefly about these anti-memory and intelligence foods, I must say that the high glucose index in this food has caused the rate of depression in its consumers to rise. In fact, those who use foods such as potatoes, rice and pasta a lot, depression spreads very easily.

Of course, don’t forget that these things happen when you use these foods in excess. So try to have at most one meal with high carbohydrates per day and include the rest of the meals from vegetables and proteins.

3. Fast foods

Those who choose most of their meals from fast foods. They give more carbohydrates to their body and this factor makes them feel more lazy. Usually their mind cannot work well and they are angry most of the time. Too much carbohydrate makes them fat and this fatness reduces their interest in movement, as soon as you feel lazy and disabled, your mind can’t work properly and finally your memory won’t help well. did So it is better to include better food in your diet to strengthen your memory.