Mideast Dates Fruit Exporters

November 3, 2021 , Dates Fruit Exporters


The Dates Fruit Exporters have been very popular in the importing and selling of fruits, particularly in the western and Mid-Eastern parts of the globe. They are the largest exporter of dates worldwide. The reason for their fame and wide range in the global market is because they are mainly available on the black market as ” counterfeit goods ” fake fruit ” as the law makes it difficult to call a fruit a fake fruit when it is not. So, the demand for the dates in the market is huge and its supply is also great.

The Dates fruit Exporters purchase this seasonal fruit from some of the top date producing nations, such as Iran, and ships it around the world to buyers. Iran is now the second largest exported dates producing nation in the entire world. It’s main customers are the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, and others. The main supplier of Iranian dates is a Canadian company by the name of Mideast Trading. It is one of the leading suppliers of Persian and Iranian dates worldwide.

Many other countries sell their seasonal fruits through Mideast. Some of these countries include; Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, and others. A large number of the exporters of dates worldwide are based in Asia, mainly through the Chinese Connection exporters. The main Mideast exporters of the fruits are China and India. China sells the majority of its fruits through their local outlets while India mainly deals in products such as Pecans and Dabbawallas. Other than these two countries, a large number of European and American exporters also export their products via Mideast.

The main Mideast dates fruit exporters are the ones that directly export the fruits to the customer. They do not deal with any middlemen. Mideast distributors usually buy from the farmers directly and then sell them to the customers. Other than this, there are also a few exporters from Europe that also deal with this kind of product through their local outlets.

There are many different kinds of Mideast dates exporters. A large number of these are based in Asia and their main clients are primarily the Asian countries including India, China, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and others. There are also some exporters that export solely to Europe, but their primary markets are mainly in North America and Canada. Some other European countries export their dates to Middle East countries like UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and others.

The main Mideast dates fruit exporters have websites with detailed information about the dates that they export. Some exporters even list the prices of their products online. You should be able to view their contact details as well as learn more about the process of exporting the dates. If you wish to buy dates directly from them, you can either visit their retail stores or send them through a reliable online shipping service. If you wish to send them through any other method, then you should know all the necessary formalities in doing so.